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How long will our hopes last?

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Rejected the proposal of Spain. Another international setback against the Nicolás Maduro regime. There is no possibility of dialogue.

Last night during the mega blackout, which lasted longer twelve hours without electric service, suspended the Venezuelan baseball games. I’m glad! Because that’s so they can see, that another use could have been given to the million dollars they gave to the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League; for example, investing them in repairing part of the destroyed national electrical system.

Of all this, I reflect seeing how the doors are closed to the tyrant, and at the same time I see the hands that split, and the looks that go out, and they catch on to continue paddling.

The Venezuelan people eat little. The days are lived with nostalgia and in turn we cling to the understanding, to the fact of knowing that everything can change. Our souls are bound to hope, but we do not know until when

Our good days are scaled in a walk of 50 blocks to reach our destination, worth the effort to just feel that air of faith, eat a soup, a cup of coffee or just run away from the crying of his brothers.

The Venezuelan people rapidly lose kilos and life. They manage to eat maximum twice a day, and still get the strength to laugh.

I see from the window the neighbor, who yesterday ate lunch alone, and I wonder if he can eat today. I remember the lady who yesterday fell, I do not know if she would get the medicines. I question myself, if in their shoes I could have resisted.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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