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Socialism is, hungry, and hunger does not wait

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I have learned from several writers in their theory about the basic axioms of politics, that in a comprehensive and living framework: plurality as a human condition gives meaning at all times to the political, the evils and kindness of our own nature live in it; politics as such, serves to generate the necessary balances of coexistence between the devil and God. It does not arise for man, it arises among men.

Negative prejudices make us lose sight of their scope, dynamics and their own limits. If we do not recognize these limits, it would lead us to create the propitious conditions to go from the space where conflicts are resolved to force as a mechanism to hegemonize them, that is, from the political to the anti-political.

Those politicians who lose their compass must be destroyed by citizens who do not flee because of prejudice. The citizen can not lose the compass, because in the intelligent being, what must prevail is the demand and the need of the people.

Foto: Archivo Web
Foto: Archivo Web

In these moments hunger is what unites us in the struggle for democracy and the restoration of the constitution. Enough! The dictatorship eats us.

Fighting for our problems is the reason for today’s life in Venezuela. History defines us on the right side. The politicians’ cemetery is full of impatience.

Socialism is hungry, and does not wait, nor does it have patience. Our intelligence goes beyond the robber opportunism of Pharisees who survive and are reborn when misery surrounds humanity. Let’s not lose the horizon. Victory is of those who never give up.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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