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Democracy is peace

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Democracy is action and solidarity commitment, and not a fortuitous aspiration. The existence of democrats is revealed in the behavior of what apparently appears as a functional apparatus of institutions. Let’s make democracy from the everyday. In this, it includes respect for private life, working according to personal interest and thinking about our presence as part of an articulated whole. The pain with which I wake up every morning reveals the commitment to the pain of those who walk the streets of Venezuela.


In Venezuela, the political history of the 21st century continues to be written within the framework of a struggle against the militarist autocracy. We Venezuelans have placed ourselves behind the political tendencies of development that with all their errors have allowed certain societies of the planet to ride in the search for economic welfare and resizing the eco-human complexity. On the contrary, this beautiful country opened the new century, with a personalist, neo-populist and military government that, after spending 18 years with almost absolute control of power, has been totally delegitimized.


The formulas of real socialism of the USSR were met with the same mistakes that the model has in the factory, with hints of rentier egalitarianism that continues to set a trap for the governments that have held power in this nation for the past 60 years.


The opposition, mostly located in an unprecedented political movement in Latin America; grows and learns after going through times of selfishness and obsolete leadership. Unlike that, he admits his differences, being a broader understanding of socio-political reality, and proposes strategies that allow him to advance in the conquest of power.


It is crucial to show the world, as most Venezuelans need the transition of this crisis. So that all understand that, by the morbid power, this regime outraged the most elementary principles of modern democracies and disrespected; capturing and chasing at all times those who, for the mere fact of being different and thinking differently oppose him.


Chavez and Maduro deceived the Venezuelan people with false promises, welfare policies, and the drunkenness with which they squandered thousands and millions of dollars, with a huge deficit that can simply be shown in the agony of some missions that today do not give for more. And with honesty the people protest throughout Venezuela, for lack of domestic gas, medicine, salary, water, food, insecurity.


The popular conviction is to contribute to the dictatorial exit and to push new leaders to give a new air of hope and life to those who live and love the country. We Venezuelans want to live in peace, to solve problems in healthy spaces of mediation. We want to sow respect, and take it as a zero point when looking for agreements to advance in new paths. Peace exists through a dialectical relationship that is proper to human beings, and to which we all owe priority. Build peace by materializing it to the extent that we give more value to life, justice and well-being.


In Venezuela we were men and women of peace, in good faith, of collective response capacity, of humility. That is why I have an insatiable desire to build for Venezuela the political-human force, the renewing force, and the universal democratic citizenship.


I think the concept of democracy should start by saying; it is peace, and the eco-human equilibrium in the argued dialogue. We Venezuelans have the desire to live in peace, that’s why we look for the new democratic emotionality.

Photo: Web Archive

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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