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Drama in Venezuela is written in uppercase

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The drama of the Venezuelans is immense, and it is written in capital letters. The levels of malnutrition in the country, already has an accelerated impact of morbidity and in general on the quality of life, therefore, we must give a stop to this scourge.

The arrests of women and men who saw the food business as an opportunity to enter, given the high levels of unemployment and underemployment in the nation. Where there is little capacity to convert our money and this allows us to cover the needs. In the immense queues for domestic gas, food, medicine, gasoline among others; the people are surprised without knowing why they are placed at the disposal of the security forces of the State, making evident the deepening of the favorite method of this government that also stops those who think differently; military repression.

Crime ends our lives, destroys Venezuelan families, and this makes possible the escape and lurks coexistence. Our golden youth left their schools out of necessity, out of hunger and were at the mercy of leisure; and this is a causal element of delinquent violence of a psychosocial nature.

The daily thing happens in the public transport units in my country. Because it builds a space of relationships that add up a relevant cluster of the total of our lives in society. These relationships are usually fixed by tensions that are generated by many of the characteristics of urban life; traffic, overcrowding, abuses and violence in general. The issue is that it gets worse when you live in a nation that suffers high rates of delinquent violence.

In short, the national reality is poisoned by the failure of a dictatorial government that must be stopped to move towards the good times that is democracy.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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