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If you fight for Venezuela they can kill you, and if you do not fight they will kill you

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The teachers in Venezuela have as their motto “I prefer to stand on the street and fight, than to be on my knees before Aristóbulo”. The teachers protested against the paquetazo, and demanded to take to the streets and decree the national strike.


Today the teachers decided not to attend any pedagogical congress, as a protest activity against the dictatorship, responsible for the hunger and misery they suffer.


Those who educate have no welfare or happiness. It is to admire the teachers, who in spite of everything, strive to educate the children, the young people. In addition to fulfilling the role of father and mother.

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Unfortunately, the strength, courage, organization, gallantry and militancy demonstrated by the Venezuelan teachings in several states of the country in recent weeks, to defeat the tyranny in its decision to exterminate wages, instruments of struggle, collective agreements, progressivity and acquired rights are about to be appeased by dismissive, submissive charges of sectors already known to the union bureaucracy, which again seeks to kneel before the master’s executioner; (Aristóbulo Isturiz education minister of the Nicolás Maduro regime). That with discouraging speeches such as: “Beware of being left as the workers of PDVSA …, minutes will be taken …, your salary will be deducted, among other phrases, with the purpose of extinguishing the rebellion of teachers

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We, the Venezuelans, must unite and support our teachers in the elaboration of a plan of struggle, with the national street force and popular popular rebellion, not only against the dictatorship, but also against the trade union bureaucracy, which kills the Venezuelan magisterium and the hungry people. .


Let’s understand the difference that if you fight for Venezuela they can kill you, and if you do not fight, they will kill you.


Look, if Raúl Gorrín stole until he could not, how much did he steal that eagle that did not catch flies? If a one-eyed man stole 4 billion dollars, how many mistakes did the late Hugo Chávez commit? The treasurer, the nurse and all the surroundings of the deceased Chávez are herds of corrupt people, aha! How much was stolen by the package guide?


Unfortunately our country happened to be; República malandro-bolivariana de venezuela.



Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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