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Venezuela: Good news will come

Family, art, politics and academia. They are corners of sublime contradictions; spaces of love and hate. They are sources of motivations, and country reasons. It is socializing with the entities of the future, humanized hope. When I talk about this, I think of Venezuela, and they generate in me; yearning to defend the corner of my people.


Love and hate becomes an accomplice everyday; and in a few days, in effect, a storm of feelings. It is worth continuing to fight against those who embody the hegemonic interest, and it is worthwhile to defend conviction and respect for our nation.


The corrupt in my country are more than we know. Here are missing people who filled their pockets with the public treasury, leaving the Venezuelan suffering hardships.


I will never give up. God grants victory to perseverance and to the constancy of noble souls. For that reason, I want to salute with pride the popular union, and applaud the conviction of peace as the civic reason of our Venezuelan people, who embrace them with more affection, because it dismisses those who once gave them the opportunity to govern and ended up ousting the nation .


The democratic spirit of the Venezuelan is immense, that’s why we are on the right track. We are heading towards the overthrow of this corrupt regime, and the rise of a diverse, intelligent, sensitive and progressive team. We are going towards a Venezuela of green hope, with will and with justice of democratic action, of new times, but above all; Allied as brave people.


Venezuela of unity, freedom and equity. Here I am, as Pedro Camejo once said; always raising my voice of protest. And to all those who feel represented by me -in what I say- I express once again that; good news will come. Glory to the brave people! Enough of hunger, enough pain, deaths, and abuses. Enough of tears and divisions. In Venezuela, peace, laughter, joys, dreams, work, equity and security are about to arrive.


At the end of this struggle for the freedom of the Venezuelans, I will say: It was worth it!

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Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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