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Socialism in Venezuela stole the future of Venezuelans

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The socialism of the 21st century promulgated by the late Hugo Chávez is the philosophy of corruption, robbery, looting, theft, death, hunger, and poverty. It is the creed of Creole, advantage, and plug-in liveliness. Live in socialist and chavista revolution; is to live surrounded by the bad, the perverse, the mediocre. It is that nothing works, that everything is an obstacle, a queue, a shortage of the simplest ones like the lack of drinking water, the lack of electric light, the lack of food, and the lack of medicine. To live in socialism is to be dead in life.

The 20 Years of Socialism were used to steal 100 years of Future.

  1. They stole our money to improve the education system.
  2. They stole our money to improve the health system.
  3. They stole the money for Our Development.


Our children die in hospitals in Venezuela for lack of medication. My country is in the passing century, and on the day it cries. Socialism was sealed as the power that clings to misery to find allies, enemies, and suppressed.

The clamor of the people in the streets is superior and they demand to get out of this disaster. The opposition parties agreed on a project of national unity promoted by the people’s bases, to achieve a constitutional solution and ask all Venezuelans to organize.

Tomorrow will be another day, and it is not to ask when the day will come, it is to answer how to make it arrive.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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