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The sky in Venezuela and its support

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Juan is a worker at a gas station pump, and an exemplary father. Self-denying husband; and he’s 25 years old teaching basketball and values ​​to the youth of the neighborhood. Before beginning daily practice, he prays an Our Father, and tells each of the children who come to his class; some morals about the beautiful life, the possible life.

Luzvelly, is a teacher of those who teach like a mother. She sleeps in an urbanization, but lives in the neighborhood. She is 25 years old managing an institution of children and youth victims of terror; that are forged by force; in the legacies of horror. However, she smiles when I ask her why. He looks me in the eyes and silently replies: “You also know it.”

Juan is an old friend, he invites me to play basketball, and with watery eyes he tells me that his children of 20, 22 and 28 years left the country, but that while they return we must continue playing to make country. “Jhon, it’s not worth throwing in. It’s a five against five, we have a chance until the last time.”

You know, neither believes in the savings in Petro, nor in the economic measures of the tyrant Nicolás Maduro. They did not know about the card that was scraped at the point of sale, nor about the dollar. His works are without vices or shortcuts, it’s real. They have schedules, salaries and products. They have days, but they do not have time. Your days continue; He at the gas station pump and on the field. She at school and at home. Because the “Christian rests when he dies,” and because Venezuela needs them.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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