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Christmas in Venezuela

Photo: Web Archive

Christmas Eve in Venezuela were the streets in silence, and without lights of joy. The Child Jesus brought smiles in another place of melancholy, where the family is strange, and the knot is untied in this nation that looks lost.

December 24 had a limit as cyberspace has. The breakfasts that were served were vacant, and the anecdotes had their emptiness. The tears of this room is the cry of a room separated by thousands of kilometers.

The absence of Santa Claus resented more children than last year. The girl in the neighborhood prays that the drug addict does not arrive. Another girl is hating her mother for believing that the debit card would solve her problems and that of her little brothers. It does not understand by the same desperation that expelled millions of fellow citizens.

Photo: Web Archive

Many Venezuelans did not eat hallacas, ham bread, or chicken salad. The money deposited in the bank accounts did not reach them. The premiere did not dress the children, and they were orphaned like them. That sick young man dies in the hospital without medicine, without doctors and without hope.

An innocent young man spends his second Christmas, like another year; in jail, without his family, mortally wounded, because he fought for Venezuela in the protests of 2017. His soul is mourning. While dictators and corrupt people wake up in their swallowed surf.

They embrace with strong heart and soul who they have next. Feel that it is your country, he needs them to survive a year that is about to begin.

Excuse me, but in Venezuela it was not just any Christmas. I tell the brothers countries that read me, that they love their land in persevering action. To the Venezuelan brothers who are in other nations surviving to help their families in our nation; pray to the knee and ask the Child Jesus to give them strength, because it is painful in the distance to want to give a hug. And to those of us who are here, in this wounded homeland; Let us continue persevering in the struggle, so that action frees us from the most bloody and miserable dictatorship.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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