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Political and legal entanglement in Venezuela

The day in which the Venezuelans of good, we decided to be indifferent to the breach of the legality, (dismissals to the coup plotters and violation of the Constitution of 1961) that day; the country fell into disgrace and we were kidnapped by barbarism. Venezuelans must bet on a legal order and respect it, otherwise, we are condemned to barbarism.

This writing goes to the proposal by María Corina Machado (MCM) in the video that circulates through social networks.

Let me say that it is a vulgar blackmail to the National Assembly. That is an erroneous interpretation of the constitution, because declaring the nonexistence of the “elected president” is not the competence of the legitimate National Assembly (this assumption in fact is not contained in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela CRBV), saying that it is a Absolute failure of the “president-elect” is to recognize the elections of May 20 and that Nicolás Maduro was elected, but not recognized (factual assumption contained in article 233 CRBV).

How will the board of the AN work?

What will be proposed to solve this constitutional vacuum?

They can be many options, but perhaps, not the one that MCM proposes, because it lacks constitutional support.

The solution?

That is where we are studying what to do, the opposition asks for proposals, and how we have to resolve this constitutional vacuum without going to the Supreme Court of Justice illegitimate, because we know what the decision will be and that is where the political wisdom ponders. Mrs. MCM plays to discredit the AN, to the extreme that it plays to doubt the legitimacy of the AN.

My message: In 2018 we walked on the rubble of our country. I hope, I aspire and I propose that 2019 be reconstruction and achievements.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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