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It is time to Love and Forgive

Current and future Venezuela requires citizens with a political background that are instruments at the service of the Republic, capable of dismantling the high cost of the “gendarme political state”, counteracting totalitarian laws that limit freedoms and recover citizenship competencies that have been taken away, never to be ceded to any government.

We have to educate the citizens so that they never allow a tyranny like the current one, that is the citizen who controls the power and not the power that controls the citizen.

Today I ask God the Father that whose desire for Christmas and the end of the year, will give us strength and serenity to many Venezuelan families who feel the physical absence of their loved ones who have had to migrate looking for a better future.

I also want to ask for all those Venezuelan brothers who are far from their families, that from today I ratify my commitment to fight, and the promise of freedom so that they return as soon as possible to our country. To all Venezuelans who suffer and love this land, who persevere and even resist staying here in Venezuela, I tell you; we have to maintain the hope of change, the strength to continue standing and fighting.

We must move forward and dismantle this repressive apparatus called tyrannical government from which all hardships derive from the common citizen. Less state and more citizenship.

To all citizens of good and even knowing the difficulties and shortcomings; I wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2019.

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It is time to Love and Forgive.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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