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The left and its projection

World Bank defines poverty line at US $ 1.90 / day.

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Venezuelans close 2018 with a minimum salary of approximately US $ 0.15 / day. Our country, which was once the 20th economy on the planet, now thanks to the real legacy of Chavez and Maduro, we have become Soviet communism at its best.

The left in the world always uses its media propaganda through its related press agencies, with the intention of labeling the right as totalitarian, xenophobic, racist, nationalist, and enemy of globalization. Popularizing the term coined: far right. What they do is called psychological projection and is defined as projecting into others what they really are. This is how the left acts worldwide.

The left cries, and all its media brand the president Jair Bolsonaro ultra right, but the criminals of the Forum of Sao Paulo, Lula (prisoner) and Dilma (investigated), Cristina de kirchner (dam), Rafael Correa (almost prisoner) they are called “social fighters”. Let us understand once and for all that the left is organized crime, thugs, corruption, hunger and death.

It is no coincidence that today the 3 poorest countries in America are Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela in their order and are ruled by leftist satraps with pretensions to eternalizing power.

The libertarian deeds begin with very simple things, tea and tobacco gave independence from the US, bread produced the industrial revolution and a simple twitter generated the Arab spring, perhaps the pernil brings the freedom of Venezuela.

Per se; Any struggle is just to achieve freedom.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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