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Let’s make change a reality in Venezuela

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The declarations of the magistrate Christian Zerpa in the United States, of the favorite refuge of the “repented” revolutionaries, are sufficient to annul the decisions that all the express magistrates subscribed. These decisions are null and void and should not have effects of any kind.

The deputies of Amazonas must be reinstated immediately, and thus the National Assembly (AN) will recover all its constitutional powers, and the tyrant Nicolás Maduro is responsible for the dilapidation of public monies since the budgets suffer from legislative approval.

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In my opinion, the AN closes the doors to the tyrant and puts a lock on him, until the change of regime occurs, all the acts of that usurped power are null and no one can exercise that position until the usurper is evicted. This is the most coherent political move of the century.

Personally I feel hope for a change, it gives me hope because we will be the young people who take command of this country. It gives me hope that there are still people and forces to achieve freedom. It is a new air and a new thrust to the struggle for democracy, and I hope we make that change concrete.


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The deputy and president of the AN Juan Guaidó, made it very clear that on January 10 there will be no vacuum but usurpation of the executive power, thereby putting things in their real and more complex place.

Now the issue is political, ethical and social, not legal, and the actions must be in line with the nature and definition of the problem.

Faced with a Usurpation of power, plus a dictatorship of the Soviet Leninist regime, they are imposed on very complex actions to define, articulate and execute, maximum when it is necessary to preserve the tiny but indispensable window that represents the AN.

The speech of the Dip. Guaidó allows us to suppose that just as the agreement reached in 2015 was respected by all political factors, it is being talked about; and there is an understanding of all those political factors to define the concrete actions to take. My unrestricted support for the AN and its new Board of Directors.

The democrats and the real opponents must build from the AN a real power to defeat Nicolás Maduro. Because those who try to weaken the AN by a personal ambition; it will only strengthen the regime.

Three months it took to become $ 3 monthly the salary that Maduro took to $ 30 with the conversion of August 2018.

Today, almost a month and a half after raising it again to almost $ 10 a month, it is back at less than $ 3 per month. With the passage of the hours it will continue to be diluted until it disappears.

Meanwhile; When they ask us what we did in times of dictatorship in Venezuela, we will have more to tell and less to explain. And when they look at us with eyes of grace and happiness for having resisted in the fight, we will know that it was worth fighting.

Possibly if I am selfish with my life, because there is definitely no other explanation; when I waste my life in fighting for a nation that saw me being born, crawling, walking and running. But it is because I have understood that it is the only way to be calm with my conscience and with my responsibility that is intra and intergenerational.

Venezuelans in the world, and the world; let’s make change a reality in my country.

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I think I’m not wrong to think, that it’s worth it for them.

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Photo: Web Archive

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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