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The objective was fulfilled in Venezuela. Start a new fight at another level!

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Many Venezuelans do not understand that the transition began in the country in silence and without warning. Many Venezuelans want to make a fuss by announcing the transition, and that is what they do not understand.

Saying that nothing happened on January 10 is not knowing how to read the political reality. Nicolás Maduro was crowned the usurper and the deputy Juan Guaidó moved as president of the National Assembly his pieces made international recognition as the head of the republic, but without saying, without coronation. I hope the strategy works.

Also that day the town went out to peacefully protest the tyrant Maduro. With great courage, members of organized civil society and political parties walked through the city as a symbol of protest, knowing what could happen. In effect, the National Guard and the Bolivarian National Police went to repress the medical school, when they had not taken 10 steps immediately went to violate them. Young people, union representatives, teachers, political leaders and seniors continued to advance in the struggle. With gallantry they continued, until the repression grew and among tear gas bombs managed to disperse the town.

Thinking in a low voice, I say: So beautiful is Venezuela! We do not need a better country, we need better Venezuelans. Until we change our Creole vividness, our immediacy, our fragility of criteria; We will not be a great nation. Perhaps it is necessary to go through this social and economic tragedy to clean up the political bases that lead us, or at least allow us to opt for a true development as a country.

Some do not specify that the regime is only refugee in Miraflores, because we already took it out of the streets, it is only necessary that we evict to say that we have already triumphed. The streets of the world are closed to the regime. Those of us who have fought against this tyranny for decades must know that now we have to fight twice, but never give up, that is; A new fight begins on another level.

I want to finish this writing by saying that the objective was fulfilled. For the tranquility of many, I tell the Venezuelans that they were afraid, the ones who had to leave, the cybernetic warriors and the world; that a group of Venezuelans who aspire to freedom, we follow the hard, difficult, dangerous and threatening path; with the purpose of rescuing democracy in Venezuela.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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