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Screams of fear

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Sorry! shouted a child full of fear; when he had died from the moment he dreamed of being CICPC, to avenge another child. he preferred the coliseum to playing baseball, when his mother went to Colombia and his father without having inherited in his thoughts food for hatred. What is the story behind each of them?

When dying one dies the country. Thousands have died, and millions at the same time, children who grow up in hatred, in belligerence. Die the children of mothers who perpetuate the pain of their belly, the soul, their heart. The future of a worker, a comedian or an anthropologist is being detached. It is clear the laughter of who only had to play, and not steal, and not kill.

Justice dies and with it democratic hope is gone. When that happens, the possibilities of change are buried. Another person dies who has no choice. Because eye, you may have no choice. Someone who wanted to run and play baseball, who wanted to live more than 14 and did not succeed. The country of houses and dead lives is complemented by the vociferous hatred of those who lynch, of the moral mobs that truncate the passage to life, to the present, to freedom.

The regime laughs at our hatred because they are useful. Tyranny laughs at those who kill and those who die because they are practical. The one who usurps the power sends messages when a salsa dances. It calls heroes to the unions of pranes, and collectives of assassins.

Maduro wants our fear and our anger, that’s what the dictatorship thrives on. We can reflect and decide. My feet will continue to walk through life.

Photo: Web Archive

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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