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Chronic anguishes

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In this whirlwind of anguish, speed increases. More bad than good, but that’s how it was last year when each month that changed, not by name but by the fears it causes.

In January of 2018 it was the reed massacre, this year began with a heartbreaking increase. In May of 2018 they made the trap and in August the measures were … we do not know what will happen in those months of this year, because we have not arrived. But, as we go, I believe that this boat will no longer exist.

Do you know why I argue such an action?

The neighbor is still trembling with hunger and the water does not reach the pipeline. Part of my family left the country. The bad guy who usurps power; It turns out that it’s still bad. It is a lot of load, and little resistance of the shoulder. There is little awareness of the furtive tears.

Can anyone deny the depressing situation in the different areas that schools, high schools and universities in Venezuela live? How to say that this is the best moment of Venezuelan education? If your infrastructure is destroyed, if we do not produce knowledge, the formative quality is decadent.

There is no more illustrative way to see the crisis of our society, when we see the deterioration of the academic formation that exists in our country. There the performance of the future is represented. If we do not run to save him, we sink.

To the students I say again with my heart in my hand, do not leave the school, the high school or the university if you are still in Venezuela, go to your homes, your home; That is the place where they can still be free. Do not leave teachers alone in the battle who resist and fight for democracy and against the dictatorship of hunger. Teachers need them in the classrooms, which is the center of their common souls.

Still do not get it; those who usurp eat and spend $ 100, and those who teach earn $ 3 a month. Inequality, violence, hunger, fear, darkness, dirt … Venezuela are lost tracks, empty lives, broken hearts, and clandestine struggles.

In the reflection, I want to look for Venezuela; it barely escapes me and I barely get up from my nap. Let me dream for a moment, because I feel in love with the educational institutions that remain standing before this harsh dictatorship.

Photo: Web Archive
Photo: Web Archive
Photo: Web Archive
Photo: Web Archive

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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