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The nightmare in Venezuela will leave with work

Venezuela is the most violent country in the Latin American region, and in the state of Lara, the Irribaren municipality; it is the sixth with the highest incidence of violent deaths in the country.

According to WHO, the nine municipalities that make up Larense have an epidemic of violence. Faced with this, the security bodies of the State apply the same policy as a recipe; violence.

We must clarify that the fight is permanent, no matter what happens on January 23 of the current year, the fight continues because that is not the final battle, on the contrary, it is the first battle in this new strategy to crown the exit of the regime. On that glorious day we must attend with enthusiasm and determination.

Today I admire the one who goes to work, even though salary is not enough. I admire with respect the one who continues studying, in spite of the difficulties. Above all, I admire the one who keeps hope alive. Do not stop doing it, when all this happens; Venezuela will need working people and ready to take it forward. This nightmare is about to end and we will rescue freedom. This will not be forever.

This nightmare will pass, with work, mysticism, honesty and solidarity.

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Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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