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The effort reaches unthinkable limits. For years the Venezuelan survives the totalitarian slavery of a government that has been determined to create the conditions for the destruction of the country. The confrontation has been through the budgetary stranglehold, the vehement degradation of hunger, disease, depression and sadness that have been elements of accelerated impoverishment. Those who remain in this country struggle to survive and to avoid the absolute paralysis of working life to maintain the home.

The most dangerous enemy to the authoritarian pretensions, the strongest opponent that the Venezuelan has is populism, because he still has his doors and his spirit open. The company with the highest professional level in the country supports the continuity of the Venezuelan educational process on the shoulders of its members.

Students can fulfill the dream of becoming professional. For the companies that remain in struggle, working. For them the country maintains the pedagogical reserve that blocks the most destructive government of our democratic history. For academics, we can think of a different country. Among others also, teachers will be professionals where they are and where they go.

Venezuela rises in a context of high conflict. In a context of decline, individual thirst and sadness. But also in a context of intermittent lights, of libertarian challenges.

Tomorrow, January 23, it will be a challenge again, to keep fighting and learning; dreaming and doing, in the constructive teaching of creating a new country.

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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