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Heroes and memories

Yesterday January 23, 2019 in Venezuela.

 Photo: Web Archive

The stories of justice, the heroes that live in my soul and my memories that for them I will not surrender.

I have millions of reasons to continue insisting on the aspiration for good government in Venezuela. I have thousands of reasons to get up and dream of another society. But I confess that I have fear, pain, uncertainty, anguish and fear for what could be my personal achievements. What will be my future if I stay without doing anything.

The feelings have turned into symptoms; Emotions and worries. Seeing absurd leadership and lies of routines makes me angry. But in the particular thing that negative vanishes, every time I stumble over these images; the ideas come back to me, the projects in this land come out and the desire triples.

Photo: Web Archive

I do not forget those murdered by the dictatorship, I do not forget the political prisoners. I do not forget the faces of every child in the street who asks me for alms. I do not forget, and because I did not forget I could not live better without doing anything for those who suffer in my land. The Venezuelans on foot will not surrender because the children of this nation will thank us eternally for our struggle.

Today a believer got up in the morning to evangelize the prisoners in his church. He traveled to prison to shake every detail of the human composition. A little nun just organized the soup after mass, and gave a surprise with something more dessert. Meanwhile, the children played with young people from the animator club of Jesus. A mother could get flour bread, with the help of her neighbor; and his children jumped with happiness. A worker prepares his clothes well washed with the last piece of soap left. And at the same moment, iron the white and fragrant uniform of Andres; your little giant.

The righteous Borges describes in his poem are them; those that keep the nation alive. Thank you because Venezuela breathes for them. Yesterday we gave the message that we are a brave people, we are a country, we are indomitable perseverance. We show that rejection is total and that faith resides in our soul, and has been reborn to bury forever the most cruel nightmare of our history.

I continue defending Venezuela.

Photo: Courtesy / Graphics taken in Carora

Written by Jhon A. Romero.-

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